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[Anglais] ma réponse à Chris Davies MEP

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[Anglais] ma réponse à Chris Davies MEP

Message par La Pause Cig-arrête le Mar 17 Déc 2013 - 20:59

Hello Chris

i’m a 40 years old French vaper (21 months of vape), also member of CACE, and have an online ecigs shop (
but i’ll talk like a vaper i am.

i’ll try writte with bad english to give you my point of view.

Refillable tanks and the two year report

The legislation requires the European Commission to report back in two years on the safety of refillable cartridges.  That doesn’t mean they are being phased out after two years, it means there will be a discussion.  It will give time for manufacturers to demonstrate the safety of their products.

More information on safety is better than less and vapers will want to know if the products they use are safe or not.

why thinking they are not safe ? There is no proof they can be unsafe actually, so why thinking they are ?
are we make studies before eating aple or drinking a cup of tea ?  

it’s not because a product has no prove it’s safe, than it must be considered as dangerous...

Banning certain products

A lot of people have claimed that if three countries ban refillable cartridges they will be banned everywhere.  This is not true.

If three countries can prove that there is a safety risk with a particular type or brand or cartridge then the European Commission can adopt measures to ban it.  BUT, this will only apply to the specific product, not to all of them,  AND the European Parliament has the right to veto any such ban.

We actually have 3 major brand making good e-cigs Joyetech, Innokin and Kanger.  No more... if tree country attack these 3 brands, in fact, we have an EUecigBAN

Eliquid concentrations

There will be a ban on liquids containing a higher concentration of nicotine than 20mg/ml and a ban on having more than 2ml of liquid in an e-cig.  That means there will be a maximum of 40mg (20mg/ml x 2 ml) in any one e-cig.

There will also be a limit of 10ml liquid in any one refill bottle but no limit on the number of bottles you can buy.

There are no regulations as to flow rate through an e-cig. (Some studies have shown that the concentration of nicotine in a puff is dependent more on the e-cigarette than the liquid concentration).

These are safety measures.  A spoonful of concentrated nicotine could kill a child and restrictions of some kind were inevitable.  The original proposal was for a restriction of 4mg/ml and no refillable cartridges so this is a far better deal than we could have expected.  It might mean people have to refill more often or take longer puffs but it won’t have any impact on the amount of nicotine you can physically breathe in.

Today, big refilables cartridges content aprox 3.5 to 4 ml, that’s on rebuildable atomizers who, and it’s that i use for one day. ( old smoker of 20 cig / day )

For info, some EU member make somme error, comparing e-liquids to cigarettes...
The content of a tank of 4ml with 20mg/ml eliquid is 80mg nicotine... no more than nicotine in 4/5 tobacco cigarettes
-> each conventionnal cigarette has from 10 to 20 mg nicotine in.

Don’t oppose e-liquid content to estimated nicotine absorbed by a smoker, it’s false

You know, just one conventionnal cigarette can kill à baby if ingested. But i don’t see child-proof sécurity on conventionnal cigarettes,

Child proofing

Cartridges and refill bottles will need to be childproof and not leak during refilling.  I don’t know of anyone who thinks we should put nicotine liquid in a form that would let kids accidentally ingest it.

Why this, and why conventionnal cig are’nt ? Only one conventionnal cig (10 to 20mg nicotine) can kill a baby... and how much baby can be kill with an ashtray in our houses
More... What define a childproof e-cigarette ? it’s an open door to not accept most of ecigs on market.

Plus, i suggest you to try take in your mouth some drop of eliquid... you will no like it... and babys or childs too ^^
The e-liquid his himself childproof  Wink 


These will be regulated at the level of individual countries but, importantly, no country will be able to ban a flavour that is allowed in another country and cross border sales will be allowed.  One of the advantages of the European Single Market is that if you can’t buy it in the UK the Swedes or someone else may sell it to you!

Consumer information

E-cig manufacturers will have to let governments know within six months what ingredients are in their liquids.  They will have to include leaflets and labels including health warnings that nicotine is bad for you and that e-cigs aren’t for the use of non smokers.

Today, each month ther is a new model of e-cig, and each new model is better than older... asking a 6 month delay will remove best ecigs from market or delay them.
Plus, what’s an e-cig ? it’s a battery tube with a switch, and a refilable cartridge with (or not, for rebuildable) an atomizer.
all e-cigs are done like that... why need a naw 6 month delay cause we change the apparence of the Battery tube ??? this is a non-sens...

Advertising will also be severely restricted.

for that i’ve see, there is too much restrictions... a medecine research repport could’nt be made on TV or Radio, if it’s for say e-cig are good or better than tabacco, even if it’s right

- what about community forums talking about e-cigs, and supporting / helping smokers to switch to e-cig ?

- What about web shop ? it can be see like adertising...

Pharmaceutical regulation

A manufacturer will be able to apply for medicinal approval if they want to make health claims about their products, but in general the EU will not classify e-cigs as medicines.

It is still possible for any government to insist that e-cigs should be classified as pharmaceutical products in their own country.  The same legislation can apply to ANY product, but there might be legal grounds for challenging it if applied to e-cigs.  But the new EU rules provide an alternative legal framework for controlling e-cigs so fewer governments are likely to take the pharmaceutical route.  Anyway, the decision will be taken in London not in Brussels.

And then there is always the internet!

There is no health claim for e-cigs... ecigs are not a medecine.
The only health claim we can do, is that if you stop to smoke tobacco, it’ will be benefit for you.

It’s not ecigs, it’s stopping to smoke that is good for our health !
Ecigs just help us to stop smoking... and after stopping, have a better health...        -->  is that a health claim ???    it’s just a fact !

More important : “Only e-cigs with constant and uniform delivering of nicotine/vapor will be allowed” –> this must absolutly be removed from text !!!
This proposal will kill:
- all european artisanal market... even a full mecanical battery tube will be forbiden... because the battery power decrase with discharge... and then delivery is’nt constant, but decrase with use
- all Variable voltage e-cigs that are actually the most efficients for vapers... they can regulate themself they need during the day... more or less vapor, fonction the need they have ( like a smoker smokin hard or slowly his cigarette)
- all rebuildable atomizers will be removed.... it just the best material we could find actually for give us that we need to no return to tobacco

One more thing: are only “constant cigarettes” on the market today ? NO, smokers can buy Tabac in bag for pipe, or make the cigarettes themself... !

In a lot of point this text is more hard and impose more limits for e-cigs, than for tobacco
Why this ??? from my own experience, and from i can read and discuss on e-cigs forums, e-cig is absolutly less dangerous than tobacco...
E-cigs are for a lot of us “the vapers” the best chance we have never hadin this century to forget tobacco and tabacco diseases
E-cigs have one chance on two to kill tobacco... depending the vote of EU

Let the e-cigs the more free you can, for let them a chance to win
and please stop hearing tobacco lobby... they ask for a very limited ecigs like they give during the dicuss, because this kind of product is just not eficient for switch from tobecco...
it’s for Big Tobecco the best way to keep smoker prisoners of tobacco, people who will try these will return to tobacco because these small egis are useless.

thank a lot for reading me, and don’t hésitate to writte me if you need some information
MARK Benoit


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Re: [Anglais] ma réponse à Chris Davies MEP

Message par GillesLL le Mar 17 Déc 2013 - 21:44

Chapeau !!!!
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Re: [Anglais] ma réponse à Chris Davies MEP

Message par Franck le Mar 17 Déc 2013 - 21:48

Je n'ai pas tout compris, mais tu as l'air remonté  Wink En tout cas, tu défends fermement ta position. Si tu as une réponse, je serai curieux de la connaître !  Wink 


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Re: [Anglais] ma réponse à Chris Davies MEP

Message par Invité le Mar 17 Déc 2013 - 21:55

moi, je ne parle pas anglais et ton texte est trop gros pour reverso, tu sais me mettre la copie en français.  Laughing 
Mais c'est pas pressé, je me doute bien que tu as d'autres choses à faire.  Wink 


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Re: [Anglais] ma réponse à Chris Davies MEP

Message par La Pause Cig-arrête le Mar 17 Déc 2013 - 21:59

erf, non pas le courage de tout traduire, et j'ai ecris le mail direct en Anglais ^^

@ Franck, pas de soucis, si réponse il y a, je transmettrai

Bah oui remonté^^ comme beaucoup de nous... j'ai essayé de pointer les incohérences et dangers des mesures proposées...


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Re: [Anglais] ma réponse à Chris Davies MEP

Message par marrakchia le Mar 17 Déc 2013 - 22:50

merci à toi , Benoît , je pense que tu as dit l'essentiel de ce que nous , vapeurs , vivons et revendiquons aujourd'hui , pour une meilleure prise en compte des bienfaits et de l'aide qu'apporte la e-cig à quiconque veut stopper , ou diminuer , sa consommation tabagique...tu soulignes parfaitement les "excès de zèle" concernant les précautions concernant les enfants , ainsi que celles à propos de l'étiquetage des flacons ... et recentres très justement les enjeux sur la santé des utilisateurs, bien vu !!!...quelques petites fautes dans ton texte (ex to write avec un seul t ...), mais pas grave du tout , je ne pense pas que ça puisse nuire à la compréhension de ton message ...merci encore à toi !!!
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